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The Legler Benbough Foundation commissioned these case studies and produced them with the assistance of Vantage Point Historical Services, Inc. The foundation’s board of directors opened the LBF’s archives for research. This collection dated back to 1985 and included board minutes, memos, and grants reports; as well as correspondence between the LBF, its partner foundations, and grantees. The case studies were also informed by telephone and in-person oral history interviews with individuals who either served on the foundation’s board of directors, were affiliated with grantee institutions and organizations, or represented other grantmakers in and around San Diego. All quotes used in these case studies have been edited for clarity and approved by the interviewee. Peter Ellsworth and other members of the LBF board including Pat Crowell, John Rebelo and Bob Kelly commented on early drafts, as did Emily Young, Nancy Jamison, and stakeholders from each of the LBF’s grantmaking areas. Mary Walshok provided valuable insights on philanthropy in San Diego and the work of the Legler Benbough Foundation. In addition to coverage in the San Diego Union Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Chula Vista Star, Oceanside North County Times, Escondido Times-Advocate, North County Times, and other news sources, the following books and publications helped provide context and informed the analysis of each case study.

Case Study I Sources

Building Relationships Anchored in Trust and Responsibility: The LBF Approach to Governance and Grantmaking

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Case Study II Sources

Building Resident Capacity: The LBF and the Diamond Neighborhoods

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Case Study III Sources

Promoting Institutional Collaboration: The LBF in Balboa Park

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Case Study IV Sources

The LBF in Science and Innovation

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